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Old Town Community Survey

A project carried out by the Churches in Old Town, Eastbourne

The Background

In the summer of 2000 the leaders of some of the churches in Old Town, Eastbourne started praying together on a monthly basis.

During the next twelve months a growing sense of unity developed, and a growing sense that these churches were jointly responsible for the well being of the people in Old Town. During a brainstorm session in February 2001, the suggestion was made to research the area, in order to find out what kind of people were living in the area, what kinds of issues the were concerned about.

After much planning and training, five of the churches started knocking on the doors in November and December 2002. The response of the people was far better than anticipated, with very few people refusing to take part.

On the next page you will find the survey itself, complete with matching cards. On the fourth page the results of the survey (the data) is displayed. The third page indicates the outcome of the survey (what the churches are planning to do with the information gathered.)

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